Treatment Philosophy

 I meet each client with deep empathy and optimism, working to empower clients to tap into inner strengths, learn new ways to overcome challenges, and reach your goals. For 11 years, I have guided clients to wellness by implementing the top evidence-based treatment approaches for trauma, anxiety, depression and other challenges. 

Therapy is a a time and space for us to collaboratively explore ways to better manage difficulties and find a path toward healing and fulfillment. I work to tailor the therapeutic process to meet your individual needs. 

Some prefer a more structured approach with step-by-step guidance, while others prefer a more exploratory atmosphere with insight-oriented discussions. Whether there is a need to look back for a time to process a painful past or instead to focus on creating a positive vision and road map forward, I respect and support each person’s journey as unique and sacred. 

Beginning therapy can be a daunting endeavor, especially if you are a trauma survivor, facing crippling anxiety or depression, or are overwhelmed with life challenges. I know that finding safety and stability are priorities, so we  start the journey  together and at your pace, to build a relationship based on trust, transparency, and hope.